Launch RocketPool rETH pool to promote decentralization.


Add a liquidity pool for RocketPool’s staked ETH (rETH) token to Curve.


Several ETH staking pool services have liquidity on Curve (eg. LIDO and Ankr), but currently there is only one (that I know of) that is fully decentralized which is RocketPool. RocketPool has quickly climbed to the #2 staking service as listed by DefiLlama (seen here: [Staking TVL Rankings - DefiLlama]) with over 84k Ξ currently staked, but relies on its deposit pool to provide exit liquidity for current stakers which vary dramatically.


To promote the importance of decentralized protocols in the ecosystem Curve could launch a liquidity pool for the most decentralized ETH staking pool to date and collect exit and entrance fees for those looking to arbitrage this desire for early exit.


Pool should have at least an ETH pair and potentially routing or a tuple for LIDO or Ankr ETH to provide a mechanism for current non-decentralized stakers to make the switch.


  • Promote Decentralization
  • Compete against current rETH liquidity pools on other AMMs.


  • Decentralization is not important.
  • Do not fall into disfavor with current ETH staking service projects that have liquidity on Curve.


Signal now is a choice of where we should focus the pool. L1 or L2? If you do not like this proposal, simply do not vote!

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As a general rule, we do not make any more custom implementation when the factories can handle those things.

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@charlie_eth while I still think there is an optics handicap for factory vs. non-factory pools I understand that ideally RP would launch this themselves.
This was more about starting the conversation and possibly getting a “hot” / “cold” temperature from the community before spending my own time/gas on getting this up. Would love some hand-holding to get this done should there be support for this should the team not want to launch it themselves though!