Kill the old crvUSD/GHO gauge on Ethereum


This proposal is to kill the deprecated crvUSD/GHO gauge.


With a new gen pool created for crvUSD/GHO, and gauge incentives flowing in, it should be ensured the old pool isn’t receiving additional votes.


The above pool and the corresponding gauge have been redeployed with a newer implementation. However, the old pool still retains a gauge weighting leading to suboptimal voting and incentive allocation. The old pool is deemed unnecessary and contributes to liquidity fragmentation.


Link to the pool:
Link to the gauge:

The links in the forum post above seem to bee incorrect. Reposting the same addresses with the proper links below:

Link to the pool: 0x86152df0a0e321afb3b0b9c4deb813184f365ada

Link to the gauge: 0xfc58c946a2d541cfa29ad8c16fc2994323e34458