Kill CRV gauge emissions for old sdYFI, sdCRV, yCRV pools and deprecated pETH/frxETH, BUSDv2, and BUSD/FraxBP pools


Kill gauges to several pools that are either old and have duplicate pool pairs with gauge or are deprecated.


A handful of gauges should be killed. These are:

Description Pool Address Gauge Address
sdYFI (Old pool) 0x79e281bc69a03dabccd66858c65ef6724e50aebe 0x6a69ffd1353fa129f7f9932bb68fa7be88f3888a
sdCRV (Old pool) 0xf7b55c3732ad8b2c2da7c24f30a69f55c54fb717 0x663fc22e92f26c377ddf3c859b560c4732ee639a
yCRV (Old pool) 0x453d92c7d4263201c69aacfaf589ed14202d83a4 0x5980d25b4947594c26255c0bf301193ab64ba803
pETH/frxETH 0x27f715999252a6e4d4794b4c9ff2ce3d6ea8fd9b 0x65415bd1f00656c5a84f445278cd195426de66d5
pETH/frxETH-A1 0x6f3388c40A7d063b5E17Cc4213B7674b5DE44C32 0x10A29439C8eB742114a1E3d6e89E3302039706f0
BUSDv2 0x4807862aa8b2bf68830e4c8dc86d0e9a998e085a 0xd4b22fedca85e684919955061fdf353b9d38389b
BUSD/FraxBP 0x8fdb0bb9365a46b145db80d0b1c5c5e979c84190 0xaeac6dcd12cc0be74c8f99efe4bb5205a1f9a608


sdYFI, sdCRV, and yCRV
These pools have been redeployed with newer implementations and have all passed gauge votes to the new pools. The old pools still receive a small gauge weighting and there are reports of confusion about voting for the correct gauge. The old pools are not needed and contribute to liquidity fragmentation.

pETH/frxETH and pETH/frxETH-A1
These pools precede the Curve pool hack that affected JPEGd and use an older pETH contract. There is a new pETH/frxETH pool at 0x320b564fb9cf36933ec507a846ce230008631fd3 that passed a gauge vote last October.

BUSDv2 and BUSD/FraxBP
As per the delisting announcement, Binance has ceased support for BUSD. The announcement claims Paxos will be honoring redemptions until at least February 2024. Since BUSD is being deprecated, all BUSD pools should not be receiving gauge emissions. Note that there is a combined ~$420k combined TVL in the BUSD pools currently.


GAUGE_PROXY = “0x519AFB566c05E00cfB9af73496D00217A630e4D5”
FACTORY_POOL_PROXY = “0x742C3cF9Af45f91B109a81EfEaf11535ECDe9571”

# kill sdYFI/YFI
(FACTORY_POOL_PROXY, “set_killed”, “0x6a69FfD1353Fa129f7F9932BB68Fa7bE88F3888A”, True),
# kill sdCRV/CRV
(FACTORY_POOL_PROXY, “set_killed”, “0x663fc22e92f26c377ddf3c859b560c4732ee639a”, True),
# kill yCRV/CRV
(FACTORY_POOL_PROXY, “set_killed”, “0x5980d25b4947594c26255c0bf301193ab64ba803”, True),
# kill pETH/frxETH
(FACTORY_POOL_PROXY, “set_killed”, “0x65415bd1f00656c5a84f445278cd195426de66d5”, True),
# kill pETH/frxETH-A1
(FACTORY_POOL_PROXY, “set_killed”, “0x10A29439C8eB742114a1E3d6e89E3302039706f0”, True),
# kill BUSDv2
(GAUGE_PROXY, “set_killed”, “0xd4b22fedca85e684919955061fdf353b9d38389b”, True),
# kill BUSD/FraxBP
(FACTORY_POOL_PROXY, “set_killed”, “0xaeac6dcd12cc0be74c8f99efe4bb5205a1f9a608”, True)