Issues with the page Use 🌈 CRV

I have looked everywhere on and to figure out how the column “Max $ per veCRV to have 2.5x boost” on the page is calculated, but I can’t find it anywhere.

Is this supposed to be obvious? I supposed it has something to do with relative weight of the gauge? An explanation in the resources (or even on usecrv if it can be explained quickly and simply) would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. On the page usecrv the checkbox “[ ] susdv2” does not change the $ amount since the table still shows “susd”, therefor it can’t find a match is my suspicion, although I haven’t looked at the code. These two strings need to be the same is my guess.

Can we just remove this table from the page? It’s not very useful compared to the calc page and is constantly causing confusion among new users.

I would prefer if it would be moved to calc, and it should also display how many $ you can stake in the gauge for 2.5x boost with your current veCRV, not your current USD in the pool. That way it would actually be useful (for me at least) without having to open up the calculator.

The Calc page is kind of clunky too I think. Whereas a table would allow you to see how much you can put in every pool for max boost pretty fast. Same information, many button presses less. If you want to know max boost for a differnet amount of veCRV, you can use the calc ofc. can do a lot of those things. I prefer the “tailored” app approach to the cram all features in one UI and try to appease everyone approach. But that’s just my $0.02

I think that it would be best to expand the “Resources” section in that case. You could have a setting saved in a cookie that lets the user choose how much guidance they want, or every UI element could get a questionmark-circle to open a tooltip/modal bound to the specific resources page for more reading.

I found what I was looking for, missed it the first time because the equation doesn’t really make sense in context of the text (what $10,000??)

I’m going to examine this closer today, but if anyone reading this knows a simple way to put it, please do respond and save me some time.