Include bDAI and bUSDC on xDai network


This proposal would include bDAI and bUSDC on the xDai network to Curve, to build a way to exchange between native assets and bridge assets on the xDai network.


bDAI and bUSDC are the cross-chain assets generated by the official Omni bridge of the xDai chain (

They are bridged DAI and USDC from the Binance Smart Chain (named with ‘b’ prefix). Since there is no sufficient way to convert them to native assets (wxDAI or XDAI and USDC on xDai), it’s considerable to include them in Curve.


These two assets are officially bridged assets from BSC, both are popular stablecoins, while currently lacking liquidity with native DAI and USDC. It can bring a better experience and pleasure for xDai users and bring people to Curve.


Open bDAI-DAI and USDC-bUSDC two pools, or possibly built upon 3pool. Component pools ( could be a reference.


Because that xDai don’t have a native solution to exchange between the bridged assets, exchange of bDAI and bUSDC have a high demand. Could bring people to Curve and help the growth of xDai.


Should have no disadvantage