IBC business Proposal


Strategic partnership and Roundtable.show


Hello team,
My name is Houssam from IBC, we’re one of the largest crypto incubators and hosts of the biggest web3 live show: Roundtable.Club (Millions of weekly listeners, guests including Elon Musk,Hunter Biden, CZ, Michael Bay, SBF, Marc Andreessen, Mick Mulvaney, Anthony Scaramucci, Charles Hoskinson, Jesse Powell, Michael Cohen, top crypto exchanges and a plethora of other high profile names.)
The founder is Mario Nawfal.
We’re interested in what you guys are doing and would love to be a part of it, whether as investors, partners, or possibly having you guys on the show.
Feel free to book a call here for a time that suits you: Calendly - IBC Group or send me your calendly if you prefer.
Here are some links to give you a better context of what we do:
-Pitch Deck: IBC - Company Overview - 2023 (2).pdf - Google Drive
-Website: https://ibcgroup.io/ & https://roundtable.club/
-Mario’s twitter: https://twitter.com/MarioNawfal
-Roundtable Info & Metrics: https://roundtable.club/

Best Regards,

Houssam A.
Junior Business Developer