[Grant Application] CGA #38 - Atlantis World


Atlantis World is a virtual world where you can live, work, play + earn: the first lightweight metaverse enabling interactive, token-gated community spaces powered by secure DeFi. They want to transform open metaverse into an accessible (lightweight) open metaverse that plugs into DeFi applications, whilst gamifying the DeFi + Web3 experience to onboard + educate new users.

Summary of Grant Applicant:

CJ Hetherington, Co-Founder + Product Lead
Calendly - CJ Hetherington | Telegram: Contact @cjhtech

Rev Miller, Co-Founder + Growth Lead
Calendly - Rev Miller | Telegram: Contact @revmiller

Project Details:

The team list several features they will develop specifically for Curve within their metaverse:

  • Gamification of Curve → resulting in a smooth onboarding process for new users + an engaging experience for returning users.
  • They plan to build a Web3 Academy inside of Atlantis World, which will include learning modules centered around Curve + allow users to experiment within a secure ‘SAFU’ testing environment.
  • They plan to build a personalized, token-gated space for Curve community + DAO members. Once there, CRV token holders will have the opportunity to instantly connect with everybody also in the space on a video/audio call, whilst interacting with Curve or other protocols such as Uniswap / Aave + exploring the game world.
  • Eventually, users will be able to play mini-games as further integrations are added + actually upgrade the space / build spaces of their own.
  • After a closed beta testing, the Curve space will be airdropped to the Curve DAO, so that every game asset + building (tokenized individually on Polygon) will be community-owned.

Funds will be allocated directly to aspects of Atlantis that benefit Curve. This includes gamifying Curve DAO into the metaverse, creating Curve learning modules in their Web3 Academy, creating personalized token-gated space for the Curve community, creative integrations such as pixelated Curve elements including wearables/assets, and marketing + outreach for Curve elements (learning modules, custom space, gamified Curve).

Post-Grant Plans:

They’re receiving exciting interest from an investment perspective, staying in touch with Paradigm (exploring leading their round), Mark Cuban, Variant Fund, a_capital, Mechanism Capital, 1kx, BITKRAFT VC, and many more. Currently, they’re exploring grants from other leading projects (MetaCartel, UNI, AAVE, Compound, IPFS/Filecoin, Yearn Finance, Maker, Celo to name a few) and nourishing connections with projects/communities to collaborate on building custom token-gated space for their communities (IE in touch with CryptoPunks, BAYC, FRWC, Kernel/Gitcoin, etc).

Requested Grant Size:

$40k - 100k

Relevant Links:

Deck: Atlantis World - Investor Deck - Google Slides
Discord: https://discord.gg/TYA2kmzJq6
Twitter: https://twitter.com/atlantis0x
Website: https://atlantisworld.io
Demo (v0.3) → https://demo.atlantisworld.io - currently adding: video/audio SDK, upgrading multiplayer wallet connect, tokenizing assets using IPFS on Polygon + Aave integration.