[Grant Application] CGA#32 - Finstreet Educational Video Series


A video series targeted to the Indian community that educates users about the Curve platform and provide detailed information about using the decentralized trading protocol.

Summary of Grant Applicant:

Name: Vinayak Kalra
Github: https://www.github.com/vinayakkalra

Finstreet has a substantial amount of followers across multiple social media platforms and have shown they can get actionable results. They achieve 10 million monthly views on all platforms, 5.4m impressions per month on YouTube, 80% month on month growth, and are the biggest crypto niche influencer providing educational content in Hindi and English. They have partnered with other DeFi platforms including Balancer, Bancor, and Aave.

Project Details:

The goal is to increase branding, outreach, and education about Curve to the Indian community and Hindi speaking nations. They will regularly update their followers on news, events and releases pertaining to Curve development. Their campaign strives for 2 million views on Curve related content and 8 million impressions.

Specific Campaign Details:

  • 3 Product Tutorial Videos showing the growing Protocol Ecosystem through Curve.fi (weekly basis)
  • 1 Product Review Video showing all the merits of Curve over other Derivative Trading Platforms.
  • 5 Dedicated news updates (Biweekly basis)
  • Banners for 1 month in all the videos with best use cases (approx in 100+ videos on Finstreet channel)
  • 10 short videos each posted on all platforms (10*5 = 50 videos) to create a buzz around Curve (alternate days of a week).
  • Interview with the people behind Curve.
  • A webinar series in technical clubs of top Engineering Colleges with Curve branding to attract developers onto Curve.fi.

They want to start their campaign by creating a buzz around Curve through short videos on our short video platforms.
Then, they will start their Youtube campaign with Product Tutorial videos (1 video per week ). Then they have a Product review Video showing all the merits of Decentralized Trading through Curve. Then they will start the webinar campaigns to attract developers from the top engineering colleges/universities of India. Post all these, they will be hosting an interview with the Developer Community behind Curve.

Funds will be used to pay Video content creators, graphic designers, campaign manager, video editors, content writers, social media managers, and digital marketers. Funds will also go toward studio setup and infrastructure costs.

Post-Grant Plans:

The campaign will be maintained by Finstreet social channel’s back-end team for a minimum of 3 months.

Requested Grant Size:

$8,800. $4k paid upfront, $4.8k paid after 1 tutorial, 1 review, and 3 short videos published on respective platforms

Relevant Links:

Video Content: Top 7 Cryptocurrency Exchanges in India - YouTube
Video Content: Step by Step Guide: How to use WazirX - YouTube
Video Content: What is AAVE Protocol | In Hindi | - YouTube
Youtube Channel 50,000+ subscribers | https://www.youtube.com/c/Finstreet/videos
DailyHunt Josh 4,46,200 followers | Josh - India’s own short video app
MX Takatak 1,27,400 followers | https://usr.mxtakatak.com/vQZT/2d9f74c2
Quora Spaces 18,300 followers | https://qr.ae/pGnUJl
Bolo Indya 71,000 followers | https://www.boloindya.com/user/14906060/finstreet/
Trell 3,40,000 followers | https://trell.co/@Finstreet

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I think this is a nice proposition but I have some concerns.
When looking at Finstreet Youtube they promote protocols like Tron and other shit coins this worries me and I do question the core morals of them … an education series might be good to help people understand what Curve is and how it works.