[Grant Application] CGA#30 - Daimon Legal


Presentation to Curve Community of FATF (Financial Action Task Force) Guidance Affecting DeFi and DApps, given that incoming regulatory changes will likely affect Curve and its users/investors.

Summary of Grant Applicant:

Github: Daimon-Law (Paul-IMC) · GitHub

Background needed.

Project Details:

Daimon will prepare a presentation to the Curve community. It will include important information regarding the FATF affecting Curve and its users.

Post-Grant Plans:

Available to answer questions from the community.

Requested Grant Size:


Relevant Links:

Pull request for Hester Peirce’s Safe Harbor proposal: Drafting suggestions and structural adjustments for consideration by Daimon-Law · Pull Request #30 · CommissionerPeirce/SafeHarbor2.0 · GitHub

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I think there will be a conflict here … the protocol will do what it is programmed to do … The user and investors are using their own hard-earned value in ways that they want … the government can educate or give opinions but I do not see what else it is for them to do here.

Having an open discussion on this is good but as a non-US person what would be the impact for me?

A video session open for all to watch in an open transparent format might be a good idea>? Following the presentation you have.