[Grant Application] CGA#27 - DeFiSafety


DeFiSafety is an independent rating organization that rates DeFi protocols on process quality and safety. They will develop contract level scoring as a premium product.

Summary of Grant Applicant:

Rex Hygate
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DefiSafety

Lucas Hygate

Rex has a background in aerospace, which has a very specific process for software focused on safety and risk reduction. He has been involved with Ethereum for a number of years with a focus on improving safety standards that protect ecosystem participants. DeFiSafety is an ongoing service that already has detailed quality reviews for many DeFi protocols.

Project Details:

DeFiSafety is currently in production and regularly processes requests for review from the DeFi community. They need more staff to meet these requests, planning to expand from 1.5 people to 4-6. They propose to offer a 2% stake in their company, which will earn subscription revenue in the future.

Post-Grant Plans:

Contract scores will be a premium subscription product that will sustain operations and growth plans.

Requested Grant Size:

$100k (a portion of a $1m raise). They are pursuing investment from other DeFi protocol treasuries, as well.

Grant Application

Curve Review: Curve Finance Process Quality Review - PQ Reviews
DeFiSafety: https://defisafety.com/
Pitch Deck: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18o5Iq_tU4mOG6-UUo8d2pmgNQCvKOZk5/view?usp=sharing