[Grant Application] CGA#26 - SimpleFi


SimpleFi is a DeFi portfolio tracker that gives users a breakdown of their DeFi positions and ROI. They plan to build additional tools: a simulator that shows hypothetical returns and a recommendation engine that matches a user’s portfolio with similar portfolios to offer strategy suggestions.

Summary of Grant Applicant:

Raphaël Mazet
raphael-mazet (Raphaël) · GitHub

Raphaël was previously CEO at decentralized social impact platform Alice, and fixed-rate lending protocol Blazar. His PoC for SimpleFi recently won the Uniswap bounty from EthDenver 2021.

Project Details:

An initial implementation of SimpleFi is already available, and currently Curve is the most integrated protocol, tracking a number of Curve pools and reward gauges. The team intends to further integrate Curve so LP’s can have detailed data about their historical performance, and assist them in improving future returns.

This grant will allow them to support non-tracked pools and the veCRV boost system.

Post-Grant Plans:

The team is seeking angel/seed funding, and will continue to grow the platform with private investment.

Requested Grant Size:


Relevant Links:

SimpleFi (pre-alpha): https://simplefi.finance
Frontend code: GitHub - raphael-mazet/simplefi-client: SimpleFi makes it easy to manage your decentralised finance investment portfolio. Client-side repo.
Backend code: GitHub - raphael-mazet/simplefi-server: SimpleFi makes it easy to manage your decentralised finance investment portfolio. Server-side repo.
EthDenver 2021 video submission: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHlLxBZQysI&feature=youtu.be