[Grant Application] CGA#24 - 0confirmation


0confirmation is a cross-chain middleware protocol that allows anyone to use their bitcoin on defi in 0 confirmations, removing the friction of waiting for 6 confirms. Their initial proof of concept has integrated a unsiwap module, and they are pursuing a grant to build a curve swap module.

Summary of Grant Applicant:

Jonathan Tompkins (Product)
Raymond Pulver (Dev) github: raymondpulver · GitHub
Andrew Mitchell (Dev) github: mitche50 (Andrew Mitchell) · GitHub

This team has already produced a PoC Uniswap module. It has not yet been audited, but they have received gitcoin grant funding to complete an audit. Relevant links below.

Project Details:

0confirmation intends to eliminate price risk when attempting to use BTC on Ethereum. It has been built in collaboration with RenVM, and involves a bonding system with keepers that offer short term loans to traders executing cross chain swaps. The team believes the creation of a Curve module will enable Curve to be the best place to do cross chain arbitrage.

  1. Develop 0confirmation Curve Swap Module - $25,000
  2. Audit for the Module - $10,000
  3. Consultation + help on UI implementation - $10,000
  4. Mainnet Testing Budget - $5,000 (gas costs and assets to swap)

Post-Grant Plans:

The module will be maintained alongside current and future 0confirmation swap modules. The team haa plans for more modules and products in the future and are currently working on growing the team.

Requested Grant Size:


Relevant Links:

Mainnet Swap App: 0confirmation Swap
Homepage: https://0confirmation.com/
Github: GitHub - 0confirmation/0confirmation: official 0confirmation repository
Docs: https://docs.0confirmation.com/

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