[Grant Application] CGA#20 - Curve Dashboard Events


The team behind SimpleID aims to create a live monitoring dashboard and event subscriptions for the Curve community. See http://ethstats.net for an example of what they envision.

Summary of Grant Applicant:

Prabhaav Bhardwaj (Github: https://github.com/prabhaav)
Alex Carreira (Github: https://github.com/AC-FTW)

Prabhaav and Alex are the co-founders of SimpleID, a web3 service provider that provides tools to extract product insights and engage with customers without compromising their privacy. View their recent release of a DAI Risk Monitoring dashboard.

Project Details:

The dashboard will gather Curve protocol data and provide in-depth understanding of its usage, as well as customizable event subscriptions that send alerts to users. Services include monitoring of potential exploits or arbitrage opportunities, advanced segment data, in-depth data visualizations, and a live data dashboard.

SimpleID will create a complete toolset with all of the necessary components for data availability, monitoring, event subscription, and live dashboard. They offer flexible monitoring that requires external or on-chain data, and will modify event monitoring to fit Curve community needs once a month. They offer high data availability, with updates being made every 1-2 blocks.

SimpleID believes this toolset will help build trust in Curve, which will attract new LPs, traders, and developers.

Their application proposes to complete this project in 2 phases:

  1. Est. Completion March 2021. Monitor up to 10 pools or custom events with dashboard updates every 6 blocks. Up to 20k viewers can subscribe to updates for each segment.
  2. Est. Completion June 2021. Visualizations updated every 1-2 blocks. 20k authenticated URLs for high performance updates, and 100k for regular performance updates (every 20 min).

Post-Grant Plans:

Grant will include a 12 month SLA after the product is live, with an offer to extend service as needed.

Requested Grant Size:

Phase 1: $48k in equivalent value of CRV, vested over 12 months + monitoring pricing of $400/month/pool (10-pools pricing)
Phase 2: $120k in equivalent value of CRV, vested over 12 months + monitoring pricing of $2000/month/pool (5-live pool monitor pricing)

Grant Application

The full grant application can be viewed at: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jkznkzkStwG-TJ9Jyoj5dIo39GsF5GFS/view?usp=sharing


Hi All, happy to answer any questions regarding the monitoring service proposal. We documented our thought process on why monitoring is critical for the protocols, developers, investors, and the overall community here: https://blog.simpleid.xyz/monitoring-defi/