[Grant Application] CGA#19 - NFTs


This team seeks to develop a system for Curve users to mint NFTs that is both educational and rewarding. They propose 3 phases of this project:

  1. Minting NFTs based on user interactions. This phase includes design work, and a simple front-end for claiming.
  2. Development of a simple platform that includes quest-like pages to learn about Curve while earning NFTs as achievements, and a swag store composable with NFts for discounts or free merch.
  3. Development of social tools that give NFT owners benefits both within the Curve protocol (ie. extra DAO vote power) and in community channels (ie. Telegram privilege management).

Summary of Grant Applicant:


This team submitted a project based on NFT achievements at ETHOnline hackathon this year. Their project won a graph protocol prize for best used subgraph. A video presentation of the project can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44ij6NW0uHI

Project Details:

For a thorough explanation of the 3 phases of development proposed by this team, please review their full grant application.

Post-Grant Plans:

The team will continue building and expanding on the project. They see this initial project as the foundation for a much larger social system used throughout the Web3 space. The first release will run autonomously on Ethereum and will be controlled and updated with new achievement templates by the Curve community.

Requested Grant Size:

Phase 1, 6-8 weeks: 12,000 3CRV

Phase 2, 6-8 weeks: Contingent on community satisfaction with Phase 1

Phase 3, TBD: Future

Grant Application

The full grant application can be viewed at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oh1r7CQJ29ZRdDk_jLArupfK9clx5fL3vLcSzvEaFg0/edit?usp=sharing


I voted AGAINST pursuing this grant, although I was conflicted about it. I am interested in pursuing NFTs with Curve and to work with this team on an appropriate course of action.

This vote hasn’t yet been resolved, but I wanted to offer my thoughts:

First off, thanks to the team so much for submitting this application! It is really an interesting idea that has a lot of potential, and I want to keep pursuing the concept with you, regardless of the vote outcome.

I voted against because I felt the application had a lot of ideas, but not a clear course of action. There are so many ways NFTs could be used with Curve, and I felt the application was pitching us possibilities rather than a clear idea of what to expect.

I’ve been previously critical of NFTs (usually on Twitter), not because I think they are always useless, but becasue I think we have yet to see a use case for NFTs that has genuine value. I think the value is in there, though, and I think we can massage it out if we are very careful how the NFT system is designed.

I’d prefer to see the Curve team and community have a public discussion that seeks to determine a clear design for using NFTs with Curve, to ensure it becomes an important feature that best ties in with Curve’s goals.

Then we can discuss our plan with this grant applicant on conducting the development of the design we want. I think this process would be most mutually beneficial.

I appreciate the extensive effort this team put into this application and their effort to support the Curve ecosystem. Regardless of the outcome of this grant vote, I hope we continue working together to make this happen!