[Grant Application] CGA#17 - Forex Research


Research study on the topic of foreign exchange in DeFi, especially when combining efforts with other protocols such as TrustToken and Synthetix.

Summary of Grant Applicant:

Name: Samuel Simons
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/samuel-simons-44b5a9177/

Samuel is currently a student at University of Maryland, and is a member of the Curve community with a financial stake in the Curve ecosystem. He has experience as a DeFi Independent Consultant, working with DeFi projects in areas such as whitepaper edits, DeFi write ups, DeFi partnerships and advice, liquidity pool advice & design, treasury advice, and community participation on Discord and Telegram.

Project Details:

This project is a written report on interest rate models and Forex pairs in the decentralized money market space. It aims to bring legitimacy and academic research to Curve.

5-10 hours planning, getting data, additional research
5-10 hours writing
5-7 hours showcasing report to professors, industry professionals, and other relevant teams.
Total of 15-27 hours time spent on this project.

Post-Grant Plans:

Gauge interest and shop it to relevant people/groups. Seek to represent Curve, the team, and the tech in any way moving forward.

Requested Grant Size:

$45-70/hour for a total of between $675 and $1,890, paid in equivalent value of CRV at time of payment.

Grant Application

The full grant application can be viewed at: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zXjRDoHePBPWPCexZXXg_pjYys2MPIZl/view?usp=sharing


Samuel is very knowledgeable on DeFi and I value his advice. :+1:

Do you have any links to previous work and academic background? I am aware these may be on the linkedin page but I cannot access it and having linkedin accounts is not common where I am.

How do you envision your report benefiting Curve?