[Discussion]Temporarily Incentivize Users to use Curve DAO

As many of you have probably seen, very few people are utilizing the DAO system and voting protocol. I realize this is probably due to the cost of voting, but I would guess that few know how powerful voting can actually be and the impact it can have on the ecosystem. Many of the recent CIP’s are only receiving a handful of votes out of the thousands of users with locked CRV.

I would like to discuss temporarily incentivizing users by encourage them to take advantage of the DAO voting protocol. Doing so my drive not only more traffic to Curve, but also could lead to even more people locking their CRV to vote.

I promise creating a “how to” tutorial on the steps taking to vote. Many users may not even be aware of Curve’s governance system, and how it is used. A short tutorial showing how to provide liquidity, earn CRV, lock CRV and vote could be a way to driving traffic to the voting protocol.

As some people have mentioned, rewarding voting could lead to nefarious acts on the voting protocol. I would suggest we start by rewarding users that vote a small reward in CRV up to 2 votes. So almost similar to how Coinbase has rewards for viewing information about new tokens and answering a quiz, we could do something similar, and reward users that watched and answered a short quick 10 CRV. They could then earn another 5-10 CRV for voting on the DAO.

In summary, I believe instituting some level of reward for using the DAO voting protocol could greatly increase interest in not only voting, but the Curve platform itself. Many new users are already overwhelmed by so having something that is not only fun and educational, but rewarding (even if small) could encourage new users and traffic to Curve.fi. I know that voting will soon be “free”, but I would still encourage us to run a temporary “program” to help boost interest in voting in Curve.

I think there were some ideas floating around about potentially letting users who vote have free transactions on Curve (withdrawal/deposit/claims etc) which is a nice idea.
If anyone else has suggestions, they are of course welcome.


If there is a simple tutorial or calculating the daily income value after lock-up, I think more CRV holders will be added for lock-up.

What if the user has no idea what the vote is about and randomly/follow-majority vote just to get the reward?

I wonder if smaller step of solutions might be worth trying first.

Can we increase voter participation by:

  • reimbursing voters for the voting cost in ETH or CRV? So we’d be making it free to vote, but not making it profitable to vote.
  • making greater use of free “signature” polls rather than paid fully on-chain “votes” which cost ETH to cast.

Team has been talking about using meta transactions so they would be covering the cost of gas for voting


I would like to vote but voting gas fees are to high.

Do we need to vote on Etherium main chain ?
Could we vote on Matic Network?
On Matic Network, we have the same adress from L1 to L2 and voting on Matic is almost free of gas.