[Discussion] Sponsored Pool. It's time to Finally Inject a Little Fun and Mystery into Curve.fi

As most of you know, Curve is huge. While day in and day out we’re focused on our jobs, managing our money in defi, and avoiding rug pools, when is there time for fun?

I would like to discuss the possibility of a sponsored pool. Every week, Curve could collaborate with a different platform that could sponsor a randomly selected pool on Curve.fi. Similar to gauge weight voting, there would be a “bonus” given to that pool for the week, or even pre-determined number of days. We could obviously devise a way to randomize the pool, and the rewards could either be given in our sponsors native tokens, or we could allocate other funds (additional CRV, stablecoins, etc). It would be a fun, creative way to keep people engaged, and excited about what pool may get sponsored this week, and who. It would also lead to some possibly awesome collaborations with other teams, and further strengthen Curve’s reputation in the community.

I believe by having sponsors of random pools each week/weeks in Curve, we could see increased traffic and engagement while also getting involved with other defi communities in a positive way.