[Discussion] Pool Optimization Researcher


Create a position of Pool Optimization Researcher, responsible for developing strategies and tools for improving the performance of Curve pools.

This proposal comes from the Curve Grants Council, which will finance this position.


The Pool Optimization Researcher’s scope will cover both V1 and V2 Curve pools, as well as future potential Curve algorithms. They will develop strategies and tools for monitoring pool performance, and inform the DAO of potential for optimizations. They will employ predictive analytics to forecast performance across all market conditions. The goal of this position is to maximize Curve’s trade volumes and remain competitive in the evolving DEX landscape, and to improve returns for pool LP’s and veCRV.


The Grants Council has funds available that we intend to put toward personnel compensation. The selected candidate will be compensated for a 3 month period, after which there will be a review on whether to extend or terminate the compensation.

We plan to hire @nagaking for this position. He has previously received a grant for research work related to the Curve V1 “A” parameter. His work has laid the foundation for continued research on Curve pools, and we believe him to be the most qualified authority on the subject.


The Pool Optimization Researcher’s work should be publicly available and open source whenever possible, so that their strategies can be verified. They should be easily accessible to educate and discuss with the community about their work. If possible, collaborative efforts with community contributors are encouraged.

Initial project tasks for our researcher will be:

  • Develop a Curve V2 optimizer
  • Develop a specialized optimizer that handles custom pools, such as RAI pool
  • Develop new methods for low volume pools (which the current approach isn’t working well for)

As Curve develops, the responsibilities of the researcher will adapt to meet the needs of the DAO, but for now it will focus primarily on the rollout of V2 pools.


@nagaking produces exceptional analysis that he shares with the community.
I think it would be awesome to have him onboard and I fully support this, without hesitation.