[Discussion] New options for admin fee distribution.


Creating secondary gauge system with three gauge Burn, veCRV distribution and Balancer Smart Pool as DAO treasury.


I propose that we distribute admin fee across three following pool with gauge controlling the ratio.

  • Burner - Burn CRV
  • veCRV distribution - the original distribution contract
  • Treasury Balancer Smart Pool - Balancer Smart Pool controlled by DAO acting as both the Treasury and market maker.


CRV price and inflation is the heated debate around the community. Inspired by this article, this proposal would allow DAO to have funding by itself and AMM with best of interest in community.


This proposal will allow DAO to self-fund, be market maker and also address the inflation.


Spreading fee couldn’t be as efficient as old veCRV reward does.


With recommendation from Charlie, this poll will just focus on core mechanic first.


So right now, we are looking at getting the contract approved, the one that will convert trading fees to CRV and then distribute CRV to veCRV holders. After that, it is indeed possible to discuss different options but as of now, burn has been rejected twice by governance.


94:2:2:2 does nothing as a market maker.

What’s your goal for the treasury? There’s also a CRV community fund already.

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market maker: cip18 will incentivize crv/eth pools thus increase crv liquidity

burn: has already been debated multiple times. burn is not going to happen.

treasury: we already have a fund. first, there needs to be discussion on how that fund should be used. depending on that, there may be talks for increasing it or even decreasing it. but i dont see that happening without proper goals, nor any time soon.

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