[Discussion] How to benefit from YFI?

There is no other category but proposals, so I hijacked a “proposal” without using the template, because my thoughts are not mature enough.

Obviously YFI is leveraging the CRV incentives for their vaults. Given how big YFI is, it is reasonable to assume that CRV price is/will be under a lot of selling pressure.

On the other hand, YFI brings a lot of TVL to curve protocol. So I was wondering how we can further mutually benefit together with YFI? Because it is also in YFIs interest that CRV tokens has the highest possible value, otherwise vaults will not reach good APY.

@andre.cronje do you think it makes sense to loop some of the vault earnings back to veCRV holders in order to generate a bottom for CRV price?

@charlie_eth @kendrickllama @michwill is it possible to build a super-efficient CRV/ETH converter on curve.fi to capture the swap fees for veCRV holders?

Any other ideas how we can sustain CRV value by using the massive volume generated by YFI’s vaults?

I just wrote a proposal regarding that topic, should be online soon :slight_smile:

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I assume you mean this:

On top of that I would love a wider discussion of our relationship with our wifey.

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@andre.cronje made a statment on the matter of selling pressure. I like to see that feelings get replaced by facts:

Even more I like his commitment to symbiosis:

If curve’s y pool is supposed to be yearns safe haven, shouldn’t we have a discussion foruM of some sort where we align YFI governance and CRV governance in order to prevent misconceptions and to forge a strong alliance.

Where could this place be?

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