[Discussion for proposal] Introduce CRV staking to claim daily CRV Rewards/unvesting rewards

While this is just an abstract of what I thought sounded logically fitting, I request people to suggest modifications /rule out what wouldn’t be possible and correct me wherever you feel need be.

**Point to note the below mentioned purpose can be achieved in different ways, **

Simply staking CRV / Locking CRV to claim VeCrv / actively contribute portions to lock from every withdrawal to outside the protocol / you tell me?

Summary :

The curve ecosystem right now revolves around $CRV token,
Rewards boosts and value delivered.
To maintain a generous value than over a token meant to sell and claim rewards/undefined governance powers yet,
Calling in for a better value acquisition proposal amdist daily hyper inflation.

Abstract :

Introduce mandatory $crv locking to all stakeholders receiving parts of daily inflation to withdraw/claim everyday share.


Build value for the $crv token by making the people locking more concerned about the long term sustainance of the ecosystem and also by bringing them into active governance.

Specification :

1)CRV locking on cumulative rewards earned by stakeholders at a percentage considered fair -
2)Not to allow a locking period of over 3 months to calculate vecrv for the said purpose ( again leads to dilution of purpose as locking a year or for 4 years will cost them less and make them consider it a one time cost or likewise)
Our purpose being developing interest among the stakeholders to not harm the currency to advantage from price / usd needs
3) further discussions needed on how cumulative yeilds get calculated to arrive at the locks needed, as a one time lock wouldn’t guarentee fulfilling purpose as the same crv cycles between locking and extending locks.
Active addition to lock must be called for, for every crv mined a portion needs to be paid to locking. Either in advance or at time of withdrawal.
4) propose for fair time resets when this lock can be released
Based on factors considered fair


long term sustainance of project and valuation representing interest to Foster involvement of every stakeholder in the process…
With hyper inflation at such a rapid pace a better mechanism that handles atleast a portion of inflation /insures against should be welcome.


All those currently benefiting parties especially non lp’s may find this unfavourable and may vote against.
And lp’s too who provide liquidity primarily for tokens and quick cash accounting from High Apy% will vote against as they might get locked deeper and so on.

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