Detailed 2023 Curve Ecosystem Report


Happy New Year to everybody!

I work with PYOR (website), a blockchain analytics platform. We work with protocols to curate detailed analytics reports and dashboards.

Curve has done incredibly well in 2023 across various segments. Our analysis shows that although the number of swaps on the protocol decreased from 2022, the average transaction volume per swap has significantly increased by 25%. Our metrics and interpretation offer an exhaustive view of the protocol and provide nuances to understand the full picture.

I’m certain a detailed 2023 ecosystem report for Curve will give the entire ecosystem this view and will be instrumental in accelerating the growth of the protocol further in 2024.

Here is a similar report that we did for Tezos, do have a look at it and we can discuss further if this interests the community and foundation. We can have another round of discussion if this is helpful.


We work closely with institutions like Ribbit Capital, Goldman Sachs, and CitiBank by sharing analyses of protocols to aid their research. A report like this could also give institutional investors a fundamental perspective of the protocol to invest more confidently.