Deploy Curve on the Kava Network


Kava proposes deploying Curve on the Kava Network to introduce high-liquidity decentralized trading to the Kava and Cosmos ecosystems.


The Kava Network will be the first proven Layer-1 network with active users to integrate EVM support with the Cosmos SDK and IBC, making it a natural choice as an entry point for Curve to the Cosmos ecosystem.


Kava’s mainnet has been live since early 2018 with no downtime or exploits, demonstrating proven resiliency and scalability via its native suite of top-tier DeFi products. In that time, Kava has onboarded users and assets resulting in a Total Value Locked (TVL) of over $570M.

The Kava Network will build on that foundation to merge the industry’s two most used permissionless ecosystems — Ethereum and Cosmos — in a single, developer-optimized Layer-1 network. Set for mainnet launch in May 2022 with an Alpha release on March 08, the Kava Network will implement a unique co-chain architecture that allows for seamless interoperability between the two environments.

As the only live and actively used network to integrate EVM support with the Cosmos SDK and IBC, Kava represents a proven option as an entry point for Curve to the Cosmos ecosystem and its users.

Kava recently integrated IBC support, connecting the Kava Network with the $60B+ IBC ecosystem. The IBC connection creates several new onramps to Kava for users and brings a number of new assets onto the Kava chain. Kava currently has relayers active between Cosmos, Terra, Osmosis, Akash, and Sifchain, with more to be added in the future.

The upcoming Kava 10 upgrade will add the Ethereum Co-Chain to the Kava Network, establishing the co-chain architecture and unlocking EVM support. The current Kava blockchain will become the Cosmos Co-Chain, which will enable the network to be powered by the speed and security of the Tendermint Consensus Engine.

The Kava Network will also implement a unique transparent on-chain incentive model both in the buildup to the Kava 10 mainnet upgrade and beyond.

The Kava Pioneer program will distribute 100,000 KAVA in a time-weighted model between protocols that deploy to the Ethereum Co-Chain during the Alpha and Beta releases of the Kava Network.

Further significant annualized distributions will be distributed from the KavaDAO for open and fair on-chain developer incentives on both co-chains, with distinct implementations for the DeFi and MetaFi verticals.