December/January Community Grants

These grants are not just rewards for the work those people have done but also investments in them and the broader community to keep contributing in the future. In its DAO transition, we hope Curve can keep relying on its community like it has in the past few months and the entire team thank all the Curve grantees for their contributions.

Those grants are for the months of December and January

I invite anyone on this list to DM an Ethereum address to @charlie_eth on Telegram or Discord.

People can learn about ecosystem and community grants at this address: Curve Ecosystem & Community Grant - Guidelines and Round 1

Community grants aims at encouraging and developing the Curve community and Curve itself. Those grants will be received by users, content creators and projects supporting Curve.

Those users may have helped create proposals that shaped Curve and its DAO, helped out users, contributed in a meaningful way to the community, created content, educational or otherwise, about Curve and/or benefited the Curve ecosystem.

A huge thank you to everyone who contributes to making Curve run on a daily basis. It’s been a very exciting year and we are all hoping for this next one to be as well.