Curve to help Advise TeddySwap (Curve but on Cardano)

We believe in the power of Curve and are building this functionality on Cardano. Our hope is the Curve team is open to advising our project to help us increase our chances of success on Cardano. Our team is well-known and has a long track record in the Cardano community.

We hope the Curve team is open to advising us in our efforts. Our project is strongly positioned on Cardano and we believe with the help of Curve, we would be able to execute a wonderful protocol.

Our platform is scheduled to launch on mainnet at the end of Q1.

For technical details, our litepaper can be found here: TeddySwap Litepaper v1.0. We’re excited to release the official… | by TeddySwap | Dec, 2022 | Medium

Our twitter account can be found here: