Curve Statistics need improvming

The following sites have some very important statistical charts for assessing the health of the platform as whole when participating in the DAO. Some load very slowly and need improvement:

  1. “/combinedstats”: This one works fine but sometimes load slowly, but so does every other page with charts.

  2. “/dailystats”: “Total Trading Volume” and “Trading Fees” load very slowly and most of the time not at all even if left open for hours.

  3. “/volumepercoin” no chart on this page manages to load.

  4. “/totaldeposits” same as the previous page; nothing manages to load.

I’ve been trying to take a more data based approach to my interactions with the DAO. High gas prices and capital gains taxes on transactions in my jurisdiction make it very expensive to move from one pool to another in case incentives change.

One runs the risk of wasting a lot of resources these changes. For those with $250,000-$1,000,000 staked in different pools one mistaken move could cost you the equivalent of several weeks of returns.

There have been times when I have changed my stake from one pool to another only to find out that the new pool wasn’t well enough established to keep the high returns for long. It’s a very interesting game where many things affect the rules of the game so fixing these pages would help with that.