Curve Grants 2022

In the interest of transparency, here is an overview of Curve Grants activities in 2022. A spreadsheet of actions by the multisig is hosted at this link:
Curve Grants 2022 - Google Drive

The chart below shows how much CRV from the Curve Grants Multisig was allocated toward each category of grant.

Curve Grants paid by Type 2022

Community grants are usually smaller, continuous grants given to individuals who are actively contributing toward Curve. This includes support in the community channels, educational content, media content, and technical contributions by individuals. In August, we adopted LlamaPay to continuously stream grants of this type. In the chart above, the red bar is funds that have been allocated toward LlamaPay streams, and are currently being streamed to our contributors.

Risk Team is the LlamaRisk team (formerly CryptoRisk Assessments). It began as a two person team, and in June became a bounty program that paid analysts from the Curve community for their work. We release transparency reports on topics relevant to Curve at

Research team began as a single researcher position, and is now a two person team. They conduct research to make improvements on Curve AMM, including simulations on V2 crypto pools. They have a public repo at Curve Research · GitHub. is an analytics website that offers metrics on Curve pools as well as the Votium bribe market. They have additionally received grant funding in the Community grants category. Their website can be found at Llama Airforce.

Thanks to all grant recipients for their work to improve Curve! Anyone interested in receiving a grant is welcome to inquire in the Curve Ecosystem Grants Telegram channel.