Curve Ecosystem Grants - Round 1

The Curve Grants Council has recently moved forward with its first round of Ecosystem Grants. Congratulations to John Plass and Karthik Ganesan of Cognitive Atom and to Daniel Perez and Sam Werner of the Backd Protocol!

Information about these teams and the work they will be doing to benefit the Curve ecosystem can be found here:
John and Karthik- A Parameter Research Application
Daniel and Sam- Backd Application

Below are the details of the grants awarded to these teams, along with expectations we have of them as a condition of having received monetary support for their project. In particular, we want to encourage transparency and communication between the Curve community and the grant recipients on the status and developments of their work.

We’re thankful to have such talented teams who are motivated to improve the Curve ecosystem. These are the people developing a rich ecosystem and a bright future for Curve, and it is an honor to support the work they are doing on behalf of the entire community.