Curve Dao Governance Experience


This proposal is to propose building a better DAO experience for veCRV holders. Curve’s current DAO governance lacks the vibrant community interactions found in Curve’s telegram and discord communities as it lacks modern communication technologies and is generally unappealing. The lack of activity on the forums, suggests that it lacks the features needed for Curve’s DAO to thrive and grow in this ever-changing space.

By re-imaging and creating a better DAO experience, Curve could strengthen its DAO community and set an example for how a DAO community should interact, vote, and navigate the path forward. Additionally, by creating an enjoyable, interactive DAO experience it will increase demand for veCRV and therefore its CRV token.


Modernize and innovate Curve’s DAO governance website to create an enjoyable, interactive, and democratic experience that aligns with llama values.


DAO Governance as it exists today is trying to find a balance between decentralization and effectiveness. There is a trade-off between decentralization and effectiveness, the more decentralized a DAO gets the more ineffective it becomes. Most projects today are still trying to find the right balance of being able to call themselves decentralized while maintaining direction. I theorize that with the proper application, modern communication tools, and structure, we can reduce that trade-off and have both decentralization and direction.

Additionally, a DAO with the right governance tools would benefit from better community contribution. The diverse and skilled people behind the community could help contribute towards development, social, legal, and fiscal goals/needs.

DAO’s are something novel and have the potential to become an entirely new type of business/community however they need to function well yet remain decentralized, the first letter in DAO.


I call on the Curve/llama community to help specify what that DAO experience would look like, and the technology required behind it. I have found inspiration in the democratic process, Curve’s telegram and Discord groups, Twitter’s Spaces and Gerrit’s Llama parties. In my opinion a digital llama version of a house of commons. (Lower house of parliament, videos can be found on YouTube for recent sessions)


  • Greater Curve adoption
  • Better interaction with veCRV holders both individual and community/businesses
  • Increased demand for CRV
  • Strengthens the Curve and Llama community.
  • Increased Curve community development and involvement
  • Faster development and evolution


  • No reduction in trade-offs
  • No change to community
  • No change to CRV demand.

Imo, Curve’s biggest Achilles heel in term of governance is the incapacity to have delegates.
Every holder is expected to vote by themselves (which hans’t ever worked in 2000+ years of governance), and this results in large stakeholders (Core team, DAOs, Convex Core…) left to execute the will of the community, which is a significant additional overhead.
I’d love to see new stakeholders granted governing power, like Llama Risk, Llama Airforce or the Llamas.

We might need to revamp the governance contracts if we ever want to change this however…

PS: Paladin is looking to become the first active delegate in Curve via Warlord, a vote incentive index build on top of Convex.


Echoing that, having a delegate system would be good.

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I see your point but don’t crv holders already delegate when they hold their crv in sdcrv or cvxcrv in exchange of other benefits from the DAOS’?

It would be an interesting tool however where vecrvholders could delegate their voting powers to certain wallets like Llama Risk, Llama Airforce or the Llamas. That may help the goal by getting more involved without trying to get every individual vecrv holder directly involved. The tool could even allow anyone to add their wallet and make a case for the vecrv votes

Very good points and doable I’d say.


After looking at the code I don’t think it is possible to update the governance. You’d have to migrate a lot of contracts which is going to be a huge pain.

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Yes that sounds interesting.
I do think however that the promotion of individual responsibility is also a good thing.

It meigt make sense to build a governance tool around this?
So more in a modular fashion? Where the Curve govenrace core stays the same and is not changed.

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