Creating an educational video about Curve

We propose to make a video explainer about the technological aspects of Curve Finance and how exactly they function and allow the protocol to offer advantageous terms to users. For example, if we compare the existing explanatory videos about Curve Finance to what we would like to make, our video would be aimed at a more advanced viewer who may have already had experience using DEXes but does not fully understand what technology is behind the protocol interface.

The video will be published on the DeFi Teller website and YouTube channel, as well as promoted on our social media.

There is a pretty simple idea behind the Curve Finance protocol and not-so-simple architecture. The goal of the DeFi Teller project is to make DeFi education accessible and comprehensible to everyone and make learning easy and more popular. Shift the paradigm from “what coin to buy to make money” and try to motivate new users to learn the technology behind DeFi projects. Curve Finance as the infrastructure-shaping protocol is no exception. And we’d like to talk more about the protocol and thus once again attract users’ attention to it. The video produced as a result could also be used for the documentation of the project.

The DeFi Teller team consists of DeFi enthusiasts and blockchain experts willing to contribute to the industry by providing educational content. We produce reviews of blockchains, dapps, and NFT projects and create in-depth videos in which we try to get to the bottom of it and talk about the technology behind the projects, rather than just provide the viewer with a tutorial on how to interact with the dapp’s interface. We believe that this attitude to the problem of the lack of quality content, along with a thoughtful approach to implementing ideas, will help us achieve our goal.

The video creation process is as follows:

-Writing script;

-Creating storyboard;

-Recording voice-over;

-Animating the video;

-Publishing the video on DeFi Teller resources

Comments, remarks, and suggestions from the team are more than welcome at all stages of video production.


The timeline of the video depends on its budget. Without expanding the design team, and given that edits and comments from the team will be provided promptly, we can produce one video in about 3-4 weeks.

We will need:

1 week to create and edit the script (two editors involved, 4 hours a day each);

1 week for designing the storyboard (three design team members involved, 3-4 hours a day each);

1-2 weeks for the animation (two design team members involved, 5 hours a day each).

This is a preliminary estimate, the final estimate depends heavily on the script.

Our team will be able to give you an accurate estimate of the budget only once the script is approved since most of the cost of the video falls on the work of the illustrators and animators. A rough estimate is that on average one minute of video costs us $1,000.

Additional resources we would require from the Curve Finance team:

  1. The technical team reviews the script and gives notes;
  2. The team reviews the storyboard and gives notes;
  3. The team reviews the final draft of the video and gives notes;
  4. Help in promoting the video (e.g. on social media or in the project documentation).

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