Collect 500k+ OP grant and store in DAO controlled vault on Optimism.


Optimism Foundation has approved a grant of 504828 OP currently worth $1.1m. There is a vote underway to execute the claim to the DAO-controlled vault on Optimism.


Curve was approved for a grant based on this proposal which was approved in this Snapshot vote. The process requires Curve to claim the tokens in a DAO vote from the Optimism Foundation multisig on Optimism. The L2 Agent on Optimism has approval to spend OP. Curve has a x-gov system for the DAO to broadcast messages from mainnet to L2s for execution. The L2 Agent calls transferFrom to the OP token contract to transfer the grant tokens to the Curve L2 vault, which is also controlled by the DAO.


Money for the DAO


L2 Agent: 0x28c4A1Fa47EEE9226F8dE7D6AF0a41C62Ca98267
Optimism Foundation multisig: 0x19793c7824Be70ec58BB673CA42D2779d12581BE
L2 Vault: 0xD166EEdf272B860E991d331B71041799379185D5

The L2 Agent has allowance to spend 504828 OP from the Optimism Foundation multisig. It must make the following call to the OP token contract to claim OP to the Curve L2 Vault on Optimism:
From: 0x19793c7824Be70ec58BB673CA42D2779d12581BE
To: 0xD166EEdf272B860E991d331B71041799379185D5
Amount: 504828000000000000000000

The broadcast tx includes an ABI encoded message that the L2 agent will call:

Call via agent (0x40907540d8a6C65c637785e8f8B742ae6b0b9968):
β”œβ”€ To: 0x8e1e5001C7B8920196c7E3EdF2BCf47B2B6153ff
β”œβ”€ Function: broadcast((address,bytes)[])
└─ Inputs: [[[β€˜0x4200000000000000000000000000000000000042’, 0x23b872dd00000000000000000000000019793c7824be70ec58bb673ca42d2779d12581be000000000000000000000000d166eedf272b860e991d331b71041799379185d5000000000000000000000000000000000000000000006ae6c7dd0a9fb2700000]]]

The data can be decoded to verify the message execution using the online Ethereum abi decoder tool:

You can verify the call is to the OP token contract, method ID 0x23b872dd is transferFrom(address,address,uint256) specifying the OP Foundation address as β€˜from’, the L2 Vault as β€˜to’, and the correct amount.


DAO should have OP


DAO shouldn’t have OP


Vote is live here.