Collaboration or Partnerships

Hello Curve Finance team :
Hi team , Who can I contact for collaborations or partnerships? I am business development from Mises Browser

We are a web3 browser called Mises and users can use chrome extension on their android phone with Mises browser. We would like to chat with your team to see if we can cooperate so that more users can use your products on mobile through Mises browser.

For example, we can let more users know that Curve Finance can be used on the mobile terminal through social media announcement, our dev team can optimize the display of Curve Finance website on our browser, etc. I think it is beautiful for both parties.

Official Links :

Medium: Mises – Medium
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @Misesofficial
Github: Mises Network · GitHub

Mises Browser app download :

We have already reached partnership with some projects,for example :

OKXWallet :

 Suiet :

.bit :

If you are interested ,we can have a meeting online .

My telegram id is :<@429405583553331200>0905


My telegram id : @DMT0905