CIP#79 - Replacing Emergency DAO


Old Emergency DAO (which only can freeze new contracts if some issues are found with them). The issue with it is that there are plenty of people from the company behind which can present regulatory challenges potentially.

So this is the proposed list of people for the new Emergency DAO:

  • PilotVietnam (@jpk1080)
  • banteg (Yearn, @banteg)
  • Calvin (@calchulus)
  • Naga King (@nagakingg)
  • Daryl Lau (@DARYLLAUTK)
  • Quentin Milne (StakeDAO, @Kii_iu)
  • Peter MM (@PeterMm)
  • C2tP (Convex, @c2tp_eth)
  • Ga3b_node (@ga3b_node)

5 out of 9 are required to freeze or unfreeze a new pool contract.