CIP#61 - Add gauges for alUSD and rETH Pools


We are proposing to introduce gauges for the following pool:
alUSD Metapool
rETH Pool

If the vote is successful, those gauges will be eligible to be voted for on gauge weight vote and receive CRV from next Thursday midnight UTC.


alUSD is a hybrid collateral and future-yield backed stablecoin powered by the Alchemix protocol. alUSD is minted when users deposit DAI into Alchemix and then borrow alUSD. The deposited DAI earns yield in and daily harvests pay off users alUSD debt automatically. Harvested yield and all loan repayments go to the Transmuter module which supports the peg by allowing 1:1 conversions of alUSD to DAI.


The introduction of ETH2.0 staking has greatly increased the demand for liquid staking solutions in the ecosystem. Stafi’s first rToken product is a solution that allows users to stake ETH through the rETH App and mint a synthetic derivative, rETH that is fully tradable while still earning ETH2.0 staking rewards.
We would like to propose the addition of an (rETH, ETH) metapool with LP incentives for Curve users and veCRV holders subsequently.


StaFi Website: ;
rETH App:;
StaFi Staking App: ;
rETH Solution Paper:;
rETH Token Contract: 0x9559aaa82d9649c7a7b220e7c461d2e74c9a3593
rETH Code:
rETH Security Audit:>Audit-Report-StaFi-Eth2-Staking-v1.0.pdf

Website -
Github -
alUSD Contract address - 0xBC6DA0FE9aD5f3b0d58160288917AA56653660E9
Alchemix Vault (alUSD) Contract address - 0xc21D353FF4ee73C572425697f4F5aaD2109fe35b


Vote here (30% quorum required):


Alchemix created beautiful solutions in a very short time. Although I do not like synthetic products, the solution brought by this application is very innovative!