CIP#30 - Introducing a [tBTC, [sBTC]] Metapool


As voted in by governance in a previous signalling vote, the [tBTC, [sBTC]] Metapool is deployed and we are proposing to add a gauge for it that would reward this first BTC metapool with CRV and KEEP.

You can find the previous topic here: Request for feedback: Options for tBTC pools

You can find the signal vote here:

With a metapool, systemic issues with tBTC would be contained to the pool itself meaning the base sBTC pool wouldn’t be affected.

Learn about base and metapools:


Due to community members pointing out confusing numbering for CIPs. The CIP numbers will now follow the ones on the DAO whilst signal vote will go on with a different label (sCIP for signal Curve Improvement Proposal).


The tBTC contracts are live:

tBTC is fully open source and has been audited by ConsenSys Diligence, Sergei Delgado (an independent BTC researcher) and Trail of Bits. See audit details


Vote now (30% quorum required):