Approve Llama Consulting Ltd. as Agent to Handle OP Grant


This proposal is to authorize Llama Consulting Ltd. as the agent to process the grant approved by the Optimism Foundation to Curve for 504,828 OP tokens.


Curve has been approved 504,828 OP tokens to incentivize liquidity on Optimism as described in this proposal. The grant was approved by an Optimism governance vote.

Due to KYC restrictions, the grant cannot be sent directly to the Curve treasury address on Optimism here. Instead, we have come to an agreement with Optimism legal that an approved agent may undergo KYC and receive the grant as an agent of Curve, pending approval from Curve DAO that the arrangement is acceptable.

Llama Consulting Ltd. is requesting the permission of Curve DAO to act as an agent for this grant. The terms of the arrangement are described in the Resolution images below. To signal support or rejection of our proposal, please vote in the poll at the bottom of this proposal.

We have deployed a contract at 0x1ccC614863Fc4aA9c88ef6c86318f3D970Eb7914 that allows us to receive and transfer grant funds to a designated recipient (Curve treasury on Optimism). Once we receive funds to this address, we cannot divert the funds and it is only possible to send them to the one designated recipient. Our intention is to complete the KYC process with Optimism Legal, have funds sent to that address, and transfer them to Curve. At that point, we will work with the Curve team on developing a distribution solution that carries out the grant as described in the grant proposal.

Please signal your support or rejection of this proposal below:

  • Yes, Llama Consulting Ltd. can act as an Agent of Curve to process this grant
  • No, Llama Consulting Ltd. cannot act as an Agent of Curve to process this grant

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Looking good, Director!

Seems good, lets go!

Looking good.
Lets go :rocket:

Seems Interesting, Exciting!

when Llama lend on OP???