Adding a [TUSD,[TriPool]]Metapool


A proposal to add TrueUSD (TUSD) as a Metapool that paired with the 3pool.


TrueUSD (TUSD) is the first and only stablecoin fully collateralized by US Dollars and independently attested live on-chain. The ERC20 token uses multiple escrow accounts and third-party attestations to reduce counterparty risk, provide transparency, and prevent fraud.

TUSD offers exceptional liquidity with billions in monthly trade volume, nearly instant minting and redemption speeds through SEN, liquidity across over 100 exchanges and OTC desks, deep integrations into DeFi, and reach to more than 120 countries using TUSD today.


Currently, Y pool needs around 800k for a swap, however, 150-200k is needed for Metapool, which means a swap in Y pool costs around $67, and in metapool costs ~14$.

According to the data from Coinmarketcap, TUSD’s daily volume reaches 100 million USD which means deeper liquidity can bring more benefit to users and institutions who trade with TUSD. Adding TUSD will also generate fees and incentives to the Curve protocol. Together we will expand the greater ecosystem and bring blockchain to people’s daily life.


TUSD is the only stablecoin with live attestations to corroborate TUSD out in the market with dollars held in escrow. These attestations are independently facilitated by top accounting firm Armanino, LLP.



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I am for having this pool as TUSD (and other true tokens) have third party attestation. A few questions from my end:

  1. Would the True team be interested in potentially incentivizing this pool with TRU tokens? This would attract LPs to kickstart the liquidity in this pool and attract volume as it grows.

  2. Unrelated, but is the True team looking at issuing a Euro backed stablecoin in the future?

Thanks for your support.
Re:#1 yes, the team could investigate that add【TUSD, TRU】pool on Curve if possible.
Re:#2 TrustToken team still looking into TEUR, but as the regulatory set up is different from the US we are still strategising on how we can offer the same service as we do with the other coins.


Signal vote is live for anyone reading this proposal.

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Hi Teresa,

Now that this pool is live on our end and with an ongoing vote in the DAO to add a gauge for potential CRV rewards, has the team investigated incentivizing this pool with TRU tokens? I know that you guys did an incentive program in Nexus Mutual for the shield mining campaign and this would be similar. Thanks!