Add TriBSN on Ethereum mainnet to the Gauge controller


Proposal to add gauge support for TriBSN pool on Ethereum mainnet.

TriBSN pool contains crvUSD, BSN, dETH.

BSN is an ERC20 crypto asset required to participate in the consensus mechanism for updating the state of the Blockswap Network. BSN tokens terms

Blockswap is a permissionless web3 infrastructure layer for multichain composable ETH. These assets are superfluid, don’t require an intermediary, don’t require a bridge, are capital efficient, and provide yield singularity with native blockchain cryptographic security. Multichain composable ETH is a new primitive for interoperability between blockchains, L2/rollups, and end users. Blockswap’s protocols introduce the new standard of tooling to build multichain and yield capturing protocols.

dETH is an ERC20 token representing ETH staked in Stakehouse protocol (a Blockswap Network product). More info Overview | Blockswap docs and dETH (Derivative ETH) | Blockswap docs

crvUSD is a stablecoin exclusively issued by smart contracts in the form of an ERC20 token.


Creating TriBSN and adding the TriBSN pool to the CRV Gauge controller is an initiative by Stakehouse (Blockswap) community members. For a few months, Curve has been the main place for dETH liquidity in the dETH/frxETH pool. Building additional liquidity in TriBSN opens new routes for community members’ LPing and swaps.


Blockswap DAO is a network DAO governed by the BSN token. Being a network DAO the goal is to create, release, test, and maintain protocols and their associated toolings necessary to support the growth and adoption of the Blockswap Network.

BSN governance info. There are two voting platforms for BSN voting

Discourse and Discord are main places for community discussions


Blockswap takes a security first approach for its protocol development. All protocols go through immense real world user testing even before audits begin. Protocols go through multiple stages of audits and formal verification before mainnet. We work hands-on with top-tier security partners in the industry. They help to bring transparency and full visibility to the protocols’ inner workings. These detailed security audit reports are published.

Security is a continuous process. We strive to be diligent and open to publishing all of these findings and reports to our community.

Audits links Blockswap Network - Security & Research

Pool and gauge

TriBSN pool UI

Pool 0x35b269fe0106d3645d9780c5aad97c8eb8041c40

Gauge 0xbe2c62b8aedb54165fdae22733cfb5dbe55d061b

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Security (audits) Blockswap Network - Security & Research


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Strongly support this proposal.
What Blockswap is building is really cool. Pool is with crvUSD. Ticks all the boxes.