Add Link/sLink pool


Having added Curve x Synthetix cross asset swapping it seems logical to extend the number of synthetix based pools we offer to enable people to trade Defi tokens in large volume in a permissionless and slippage free way.


This proposal would add a Link/sLink pool to enable people to enter and exit Link positions via Synthetix.


Allowing people to trade into and from non-pegged pairs will allow Curve to widen it’s focus as well as become the go to option for large trades due to the lack of slippage when utilizing Curve x Synthetix.


Widen participation in Curve to Link holders.
Act as a test for future Synthetix based pools which could add a lot of new trading routes.
Increase trading volume and generated fees.


If added to the Gauge it will dilute current rewards allocated to other pools.


I have created a signal vote to gauge support for this.