Add frETH/WETH Gauge for *non-CRV* Reward


Our goal is to bootstrap the True Freeze autonomous protocol by incentivizing frETH/WETH liquidity with 20% of the initial supply of the Freezer Revenue token FRZ. We are not asking for CRV rewards at this time. We simply need permission from the reward admin to add FRZ to the gauge for the frETH/WETH pool already created.

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Protocol Description:

We at Deep Freeze LLC have created a public good patience primitive called True Freeze. It allows anyone to lock their WETH for anywhere from 1 day to 1,100 days and mint a sellable Freezer NFT representing their deposit and frETH yield tokens (longer lock time, more frETH). This NFT decentralized Over-The-Counter (OTC) trading of ETH with 100% on-chain buying and selling of the the NFTs priced like zero-coupon bonds.

Each NFT has a maturity date based on the # of days locked. After the maturity date the NFT can be redeemed for the WETH backing it with 0 frETH fee and 0 WETH penalty. But prior to this maturity date, there are X frETH fees and 0.25% WETH penalty. Where X falls everyday from lock date to maturity date.

This revenue goes to stakers of the Freezer Revenue Token (FRZ). This token inflates over time to keep the tokenomic engine moving. The protocol functions without governance nor administrative controls and will continue to do so 100s of years. True Freeze is already live on Mainnet with no emergency powers nor admin control held by Deep Freeze LLC’s Deployer address.


frETH is minted by deposits and burned upon early redemption of the NFTs & can also be burned to earn the inflation of the FRZ revenue token. Deep Freeze LLC did not arbitrarily mint frETH to seed liquidity. frETH has a meaning in the protocol: 1 frETH = 1 ETH out of circulation for 1 Year.

All the frETH that exists is because someone locked their ETH and minted the NFT.

To bootstrap the autonomous protocol, more frETH needs to exist so people can buy and sell it. So we want to incentivize people to mint it and provide liquidity for it to kickstart the protocol.


  1. Governance:

The plan is to explicitly have 0 governance. The protocol is live with all power to mint frETH and the Freezer NFT relinquished to the autonomous governor contract. This is further detailed in the audit link below (only allowed 2 links in this post).

A number of DAOs have agreed to accept significant shares of the initial supply of the FRZ token for monitoring of the protocol including education, analytics, low fee NFT marketplace, etc. Acceptance of this FRZ is not an endorsement of the safety of the protocol. Everything is 100% immutable and Deep Freeze LLC seeks to empty itself entirely of FRZ ASAP. There are 5.3M left to send to Partner DAOs. 4.7M outstanding to angel DAOs, and 20M pending approval of liquidity pool rewards. See Docs for more details.

  1. Oracles:

The protocol explicitly does not use oracles.

  1. Audits:

All details on the audit are available here:

Solidity.Finance has done over 1,000 audits and at crypto market peak had >$10B in TVS by their audits.
They have updated the audit to note our relinquishing of mint powers after launch on mainnet.

  1. Centralization vectors:

The code is 100% immutable and has no centralized vectors. There is currently only 1 website managed by Deep Freeze LLC, but more websites including decentralized websites will be developed. There are no oracles and no liquidations.

  1. Market History:

We are seeking to bootstrap the protocol via non-CRV incentives. frETH and ETH are both volatile assets with no specific peg relationship. The admin fee for this pool is set to 10%. It is expected this pool will never ask for any CRV emissions in return. We seek only to incentivize it with the FRZ token allocated for liquidity incentives.

Gauge: 0x25530f3c929d3f4137a766de3d37700d2fc00ff8
Pool: 0x517E47a2e8c38E5A96708ED866A39CcbAA105640
FRZ token: 0x55b1e2D8b13E7acad03353FAD58fc3FA065C5822
Deep Freeze LLC Deployer EOA: 0x0fBb8D17027b16810795B12cBEadc65B252530C4

Note: 230,000 ETH addresses are eligible to claim FRZ. We are announcing the airdrop in parallel to finalizing liquidity pool incentives, final Partner DAO distributions, etc. By the time this vote happens, there should be significantly more frETH and FRZ holders and LP participants.

Thank you for your review! Excited to be on Curve.