Add crvUSD-USDM pool to Gauge controller


Proposal to add crvUSD-USDM pool to the gauge controller on Curve on Ethereum.

USDM is the first permissionless and regulated yield-bearing USD stablecoin, fully backed by US Treasuries.


USDM is a yield-bearing USD stablecoin that supports permissionless transfers. It also rebases daily, making the opportunity cost of having USD on crypto obsolete.
Integrating USDM into Curve via a crvUSD pair is the first step in adding scalable and safe yield-bearing stablecoins into Curve, the biggest exchange for stablecoins.
This can benefit Curve by adding overall liquidity to Curve and generating demand for crvUSD.

USDM safety features

  • Solvency: USDM is backed by short-term US Treasuries, held in segregated bankruptcy-remote accounts for the benefit of users, as prescribed by law. Short-term US Treasuries are the lowest risk USD-denominated asset, hence the safest way to collateralize USD stablecoins.

  • Liquidity: USDM is redeemable at $1 by Primary Clients. Recently, Mountain Protocol announced a partnership with Wintermute (link) that allows for large-scale, 24/7 redemptions. As part of the deal, Wintermute will hold USDM on the balance sheet with no over-collateralization, evidence of Wintermute viewing USDM as safe an asset as other major stablecoins.

  • Price stability: USDM is easily arbitraged by Primary holders. USDM has traded at or about $1 since launch since arbitrageurs can extract any misbalances by using the fixed $1 primary market.

  • Smart contract security: USDM’s contract is a rebasing ERC-20, a battle-tested contract with little to no innovation. The contract has been audited by OpenZeppelin (link), and it implements best-in-class quality standards such as access control roles, formal verification, fuzzing, and more (link).

  • Regulatory clarity: Mountain Protocol is a regulated financial entity licensed by the Bermuda Monetary Authority. The BMA issues only a small number of licenses, which also include companies like Coinbase, Circle, XBTO, and CashApp. USDM is a digital asset governed by the Digital Asset Business Act (link). Among other details, digital assets issued by DABA-regulated entities are recognized as valid property, are bankruptcy remote, and issues are mandated to abide by the Terms and Conditions of the issued assets.

  • Governance: As a regulated financial institution, Mountain Protocol is required to hold high governance standards. This includes the following:

    • Independent Director: Firas Habach, Head of Compliance at Sygnum Bank
    • Third-Party Signer: Steakhouse Financial
    • Independent auditor: Harris and Trotter
    • Monthly Attestations: Nephos Group
    • Regulator-driven audits: BMA (Bermuda Monetary Authority)

Technical Details

References/Useful links:

Regulatory license: (search for “Mountain Protocol”)
Security Center:
Open source code: Mountain Protocol · GitHub
LinkedIn: Mountain Protocol | LinkedIn


Mountain Protocol’s USDM presents an opportunity for Curve to continue to build its dominance as the main venue for Stablecoins and RWAs, as well as generate demand for crvUSD.

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