Add crvUSD/stUSDT pool to the Gauge controller


Proposal to add crvUSD/stUSDT pool to the Gauge controller to enable users to assign a gauge weight and mint CRV.

This proposal is aimed at adding crvUSD-stUSDT to the gauge controller.

This way stUSDT, stUSDT is a receipt token that conforms to ERC-20 standards and can be obtained by staking USDT into the stUSDT-RWA Contract. It supports transfer and can be used in other DeFi protocols. The exchange rate between stUSDT and USDT is kept at 1:1 by the stUSDT-RWA Contract (special rules may apply).

stUSDT Background

The platform builds the stUSDT-RWA Contract, asset management mechanism, investment strategy, and data disclosure policy around RWA DAO, which is a decentralized self-governance community of RWA investment based on blockchains. RWA DAO strives to offer users a transparent, fair, and secure channel for RWA investment, while ensuring oversight and disclosure on investment operations, prioritizing the equity of its investors.

Four Distinctive Features of stUSDT

Tokenized for Higher Liquidity

Tokenized real-world assets share the features of ERC-20 tokens, which allow them to be transferred on-chain and reinvested without market restrictions. Therefore, it is a safe and flexible receipt of investment.

Simple yet Diversified

The RWA strategy will identify prime investment targets and track their soundness over the long run, empowering investors with an extensive array of choices. While prime investment targets often entail certain restrictions, USDT holders can directly invest via the stUSDT-RWA Contract.

Safe & Transparent

Powered by the smart contract, users’ investment in RWA is transparent and safeguarded by RWA DAO’s sound management and oversight mechanism, guaranteeing asset appreciation through the meticulously crafted low-risk strategy.

Low-Cost & Available at Any Time

The stUSDT-RWA Contract, built on the TRON and Ethereum network, shares the network’s inherent advantages of cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency. Continuously refining its investment strategy, the contract ensures users can start accruing rewards whenever they get on board.


Curve is a leading AMM protocol for stablecoins and has an extensive and thriving ecosystem that covers multiple chains. Adding stUSDT to Curve will increase the demand for stUSDT and establish an additional use case for this RWA assets tokenization. We also believe the addition of stUSDT to Curve will bring in liquidity and a gauge will help provide incentives to the crvUSD/stUSDT pool, which the stUSDT community will also contribute to.

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Add crvUSD/stUSDT gauge to the controller


Do not add crvUSD/stUSDT gauge to the controller


We will submit a vote shortly after receiving community feedback
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