Add BobrCRV/CRV/crvUSD on Ethereum mainnet to the Gauge controller

Proposal Overview:

  • Proposal to add gauge support for the BobrCRV/CRV/crvUSD pool on Ethereum mainnet.
  • The pool includes crvUSD, CRV, BobrCRV.

About CURVEBOBR Token:

  • CURVEBOBR is a fancoin for enthusiasts of the Curve ecosystem, decentralization, and cryptocurrency.

BobrCRV Initiative:
BobrCRV is an initiative by members of the CURVE community and the first memcoin born in the ecosystem. The goal of the project is to raise awareness of CURVE and all projects in its ecosystem by encouraging the publication of educational and engaging content. As a result, it aims to increase media attention (i.e., hype) and boost retail interest.

Token Distribution:

  • Free Distribution: BobrCRV tokens will be freely distributed to active Curve community members who apply by December 31, 2023.
  • Distribution Method: Based on application (Telegram Link) and group snapshots at the time of the announcement.
  • Current Status: ~15% of the token supply distributed among community members.
  • Future Use of Remaining Tokens: To maintain liquidity and attract new participants for CURVE ecosystem engagement and liquidity pool bribes.

Liquidity Plans:

  • Adding liquidity to the pool is scheduled for January 2024.

Future Developments:

  • Planned launch of veBobrCRV and BobrDAO.
  • The rest of the plans can be seen in the project’s whitepaper at the following link: White Paper of CURVEBOBR Token

Motivation for Gauge Support:

  • Attract liquidity providers.
  • Maintain sustainability of the BobrCRV fancoin offering.

Currently, the distribution of the fancoin is solely in my hands, but a DAO will be established in the future. I have no plans to take any portion of the tokens for myself without community consensus. I am willing to disclose my identity to the CEOs of Curve ecosystem projects via private message upon request, as I have a good reputation and several successfully launched Web2 business ventures.

Community Support:

Pool and Gauge Details:

  • Pool UI: BobrCRV/CRV/crvUSD Pool
  • Pool Address: 0x9fee65d5a627e73212989c8bbedc5fa5cae3821f
  • Gauge Address: 0x25707e5fe03deedc9bc7cdd118f9d952c496febex

Useful Links:

Token Distribution Addresses:

  • Ethereum: bobrcrv.eth, 0x703a2A5B901A2afe8C3Bb9a4cEa41a45350285Fe
  • Arbitrum: 0x703a2A5B901A2afe8C3Bb9a4cEa41a45350285Fe

Token Addresses:

  • Ethereum: 0x8f22779662ad253844013d8e99eccb4d80e31417
  • Arbitrum: 0xF12132857fb45b1F1342420EaAF818509F850468

Happy upcoming New Year to everyone, may a miracle happen in the forests of CURVE.


CURVEBOBR is nice iniative. There are new faces in different Curve chats with fresh edecitaional content requests.
It looks CURVEBOBR people aim to work with those requests. It is more than important to keep doors open for new people and help them. I am support this proposal.


I like this project! Great community initiative! I’d be happy to offer support on your journey!
The Zunami team is with you!


I saw CURVEBOBR being born within our Curve community, and every day kept a look on how it is progressing.

The work being done by Nik and all the other contributors is insane! BobrCRV is being used to reward people who are creating educational materials, comics about Curve, lore and more!

I am all in for CURVEBOBR incentives and will definitely vote for “YES” once voting goes live.