A vote the kill sftxETH market on crvUSD


A vote the kill sftxETH market on crvUSD
Abstract: sftxETH market for crvUSD was never proposed for a vote on the DAO, this rises trust concerns over the social media which in time are going to damage the reputation of the Curve Finance development team.

I propose to put up a vote to effective kill the market and let the DAO decide if it’s worth to keep it.


My motivation is to regain trust on the platform. I don’t want people to think that things will happen even if the DAO doesn’t agree with.


Kills the narative that “Curve Developers can do whatever they want” and adds more trust to the project. Which for me personally is what matter the most.




Let’s make DAO great again.

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Eventually it will be replaced with a new sfrxeth market.

But the DAO has no place for childish, immature proposals.


Wasn’t aware FTX had an LSD, and even less that they had the possibility to use it as collateral for minting crvUSD…