sCIP#41 - Add an alETH/ETH Pool


Alchemix recently launched their new product, an Ethereum derivative backed by collateral in Yearn vaults. alETH was audited by Certik.


This proposal would add a pool of alETH and ETH to the It would not add a gauge and there are no plans to submit this pool to receive CRV as it already receives yield from CRV.


Alchemix is a DeFi protocol that allows for the creation of synthetic tokens that represent the future yield of a deposit. It enables users to retrieve near instant tokenized value against temporary* deposits of stablecoins.

The alETH contracts are based on the original Alchemist and Transmuter contracts (audited by Certik:, with the ability to transact in ETH and WETH. Additionally, we have added functionality to allow users to swap ETH directly to alETH, 1:1, via the Alchemist. Swapped ETH goes directly into the transmuter; ready to back the newly minted alETH, maintain the peg, and increase yield for borrowers and stakers in the Alchemist.


Curve will in the coming weeks transition to a fully permisionless set up for plain pools like we have for metapools.


Proposed A Parameter: 60
Address / Etherscan link: 0x0100546f2cd4c9d97f798ffc9755e47865ff7ee6




Good Evening,

Due to the fact the alETH-ETH pool would have no CRV Rewards i suggest we make a metapool as alETH-[stETH-ETH] the benefit is evident, would bring more depth on the pool and potentially a higher yield to both alETH and stETH holders

I’ve prepared a Signal Voting here:

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Am closing this following a bug found in alETH.

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