[Discussion] On Curve's value and future

Was there any actual response or actionable items that resulted from this discussion as I emphatically agree on all point? I have a vague idea of priorities and timing and based on Discord and here it’s still vague. In order to meet the growth baked into the uber inflationary token emissions set forth, Curve needs more than just rewards for holders and additional lock ups, it needs faster growth with new products outside of ETH/sETH what else is in the short and long term pipeline/roadmap? One more thing,

This discussion raised different topics pointed by different people.
For my part, it was mostly about Curve retaining it’s original value of extremely low slippage, which I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see that serious work is being done on zk-rollups (long-term scalability solution for ETH imho).
My second point was about team communication, that I find insufficient, but admittedly I am not present on all channels and maybe most of the communication is made through Telegram/Discord and I miss it. Also the fact that the Github is public and open to contributions makes it hard to be demanding on the transparency side. I guess I’d wish to know more about the long-term vision of the team though.
@WormholeOracle pointed out opportunities of native/crosschain swaps and interaction with other protocols to facilitate onboarding. The number of new USD abd BTC pools, plus the future ETH, GOLD and SNOW pool suggest that the team is also heading that direction. I think being able to trade staked ETH receipts (from Rocketpool for example) against native ETH1 can bring very interesting things.
As far as CRV token price goes, it is personally not my concern but seems to be the concern of many people, so maybe it should be it’s own topic ?