[Discussion] AAVE Staking Rewards for AAVE and sAAVE Pools

This is somewhere between an announcement and a discussion.
As some of you may have heard, AAVE will begin liquidity mining rewards in a couple of days.

We have discussed a solution with the AAVE team that will allow liquidity providers in the aave and saave pools to claim AAVE from the gauge. Those liquidity providers are the entitled receivers of those liquidity mining rewards and the AAVE rewards should as such be received by them.

A further AAVE proposal will be made to allow our whitelisted contract to claim those AAVE on behalf of our gauges. No AAVE will be automatically sold or distributed to governance participants. We will prepare our AAVE proposal in the coming days.


In the meantime, is the stkAAVE accumulating to the pool? Or is none accumulating until the proposal is passed?

It is accruing right now yes.