CIP#52 - Add generalized synth burners and gauge for USDP

New Burners

Some burners (burners are the contracts which sell the admin fees usually via Curve and Synthetix and deposit them into the 3Pool for veCRV to claim) have been optimised to be cheaper to run.

Add a generalized synth burner capable of handling most non-USD denominated assets that are supported by Curve.

As we found ourselves adding burners every week for a few weeks, we’ve added generalised burners that can handle more assets without getting updates which means current


Follow up of CIP#49 previously voted in CIP#49 - Add gauges for USDP and IronBank Pools + Deploy new optimised burners with details below:

  • Synth conversions are now only handled once per burner, when calling to burn the actual synth. This makes the burn process more dependent upon ordering, but significantly reduces the gas costs (synth conversions are expensive).
  • The process of converting synths always happens within the underlying burner. This way the call to settle only has to happen once.

tl;dr - the new burn process requires less changes going forward to add new tokens.

USDP MetaPool

Unit Protocol is a MakerDAO like protocol which allows anyone to mint USDP with a variety of DeFi tokens (CRV amongst others). Unit Protocol has been audited by MixBytes (

  • USDP
  • 3CRV