CIP#13 - Add a new Tri-Pool and a liquidity gauge for it (DAI-USDC-USDT)


This proposal aims at adding a new Curve Finance pool which is ready to be deployed. It will have DAI-USDC-USDT. As with all new pools, it will not receive any CRV until Curve DAO decides to allocate some in the weekly gauge weight vote.


As gas prices become increasingly problematic for users to interact, this non lending pool aims to create a highly liquid pool which is less expensive to deposit and swap with.
Whilst its design is similar to the current sUSD pool, not having sUSD in this pool should help ease pressure off sUSD which has struggled to keep up with demand.

This pool also has new improvements:

  • A new rampable A parameter (like on BTC pools) which can adjust liquidity density without causing losses to the virtual price (and to LPs)
  • Gas optimised
  • Will be used as a base pool for meta pools (which would essentially allow some pools to seemingly trade against underlying “base” pools without diluting liquidity)
  • This pool is capable of handling transfer fees
  • By only having the three most liquid stable coins in crypto, this pool should grow to become the most liquid and offer the best prices


A new pool which improves on existing pools in various ways




The official DAO vote is live