Add Login with Unstoppable as a connect wallet option


A proposal to add Unstoppable Domains as a connect wallet option.


Login with Unstoppable allows a user to connect their browser wallet by signing in using their human-readable Web3 domain.

The domain acts as a digital backpack for a persons Web3 identity and can attach general user profile info, social, anon email relay, badges/POAPs, proof of certificates, and users can choose to permission this data to Curve if they wish.


Motivation for Users:

  • It allows our growing community (2.7m+ domains registered to date) to connect with their Web3 domain.

Motivation for Curve:

  • Adding UD as a login option would give Curve exposure to our 620k+ active user base, by allowing them to login using their Web3 domain.
  • Light integration lift, takes most ppl less than half an hour, we’ll do for you it if there’s an open repo
  • Drive new users to curve which could mean more liquidity
  • Comes with a free analytics platform Video demo
  • Data Analytics: This provides a way to gain additional insight and segment reports by user permissioned data.
  • As users have the ability to permission anon email proxy, this provides a Curve a new channel to communicate with users who wish to be contacted. As a Curve user myself I don’t have a lot of great ways to keep tabs on what’s happening/changing over at Curve, and would actually welcome updates directly from an elite team.
  • Depending on Curve’s interest level, we would promote from our social channels to drive user engagement (300k+ twitter followers, 600k+ newsletter subscribers, listing on our partner page with >1m monthly visits).
  • We would also be happy to co-market further defi eduction, and explore other synergies in this realm

Personal Motivation:

I’m a Curve user myself, both for swapping and as an LP.

I hear people say that there’s no real world utility in defi, but I used a defi loan to help purchase my house, and Curve was a part of that process in swapping DAI & LUSD to USDC to fiat offramp.

A lot of people are intimidated by Curve but I think it’s the most well designed AMM and I also think the gauge voting mechanism is a genius way to direct liquidity, provide incentives for doing so, and to drive CRV utility/value. I also realize it’s one of the few cruxes of legit yield in the defi ecosystem and a true pillar to the defi community.

In other words, I want to do what’s in my very limited power to help Curve’s future success and I believe this proposal serves to add value.


User Flow: Demo Video

  1. User clicks Connect Wallet
  2. Unstoppable Domains is listed as another option
  3. User clicks Login with Unstoppable
  4. User enters their domain name
  5. User signs tx with whatever browser wallet they’re using
  6. User can permission what data is shared - Done!
  7. note that free domain flow can be disabled/enabled
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